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Delivery Information

 We take orders for flowers 24H.

Flowers are  delivered on working days from  9.00 till 21.00,

on Saturdays and Sundays - from 9.00 till 19.00.

Orders must be made and paid not later than 3 hours before the delivery time.

Delivery cost in Tallinn is 5 EUR  ( free transportation in Tallinn for orders over 40 eur )

Vicinity of Tallinn /10 km/ - 10 EUR Delivery after working hours in Tallinn and vicinity of Tallinn /10 km/ - 12 EUR.

Courier delivery time

Tallinn Mon-Fri 5-8 euro Sat-Sun 12-15 euro outside of Tallinn (10 km) Mon-Fri 13 euros Sat-Sun 18 euros

Please note: in the case of timed deliveries the free delivery conditions do not apply. 

Should you need further information call +37255979777 or mail